Deer Lake

Deer Lake is a lake in central Burnaby, BC. Deer Lake is home to a variety of flora and fauna and features a number of walking trails. These trails connect the lake and the surrounding forests and fields. The lake also offers amenities such as a boat launch, picnic sites, a playground, washrooms, Burnaby Village Museum and long trails for walking.

During the summer months the public can rent canoes, kayaks, pedal boats and rowboats from Deer Lake Boat Rentals. Gas or electric motors are not allowed on the lake.

The Legend of Deer Lake is a Coast Salish tale about a hidden waterway between False Creek and Deer Lake. It was discovered by a young Indian, the first chief Capilano, who speared a "king" harbour seal in False Creek with his elk antler spear. The seal escaped through a hidden underground creek and he spent months looking for it by the shore. One day he was "beckoned" inland by what turned out to be a forest fire. On the shore of Deer Lake he found the remains of the seal and recovered his spear.


  1. Turn right out of the hostel and walk down to Granville Station. 
  2. Hop onto the Expo Line 'King George' train and stay on 8 stops until you reach Metrotown Station.
  3. Get off here and head down to the bus terminal and hop onto bus #114 SFU.
  4. Stay on 18 stops until you reach WB Deer Lake @ Rowan Ave and get off.
  5. Head right until the next intersection, once there turn right down the intersection and follow it down to the lake.

Approx ~ 1 hour each way Transit - $4.45 each way