Lonsdale Quay

Lonsdale Quay located in the city of North Vancouver hosts a major public market which sells an array of goods and is a popular tourist destination. The market is located at the foot of Lonsdale Avenue and is adjacent to the Lonsdale Quay SeaBus terminal and transit exchange.

The marketplace opened on April 12th, 1986 and features over 80 tenants, including food retailers, restaurants, retail shops and artisans. The quay was built on the former site of North Van Ship Repair, a major shipyard during World War II.


  1. Turn right out of the hostel and walk several blocks until you reach W Cordova St
  2. Turn right onto W Cordova St and you'll see the SeaBus station on your left.
  3. Obtain a ticket from the kiosk and follow the directions to the SeaBus.
  4. The SeaBus will take you directly to Lonsdale Quay.

Approx ~ 40 mins each way Transit - $4.45 each way