Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Pacific Spirit Regional Park is offers a huge network of over 70km of hiking trails in a beautiful forest, including 7km of shoreline trail on the Georgia Strait. The park is over 750 hectares in size.

Pacific Spirit Park is a paradise for hikers, joggers and anyone wanting a dose of nature in the city of Vancouver. The park is a great place to explore any time of year and in all weather conditions. Many of the park's trails are designated multi-use and can be enjoyed by horseback or cycling as well.

Pacific Spirit Park was established in 1989. Originally part of the University Endowment Lands, the park was created as a natural forest preserve adjacent to the city of Vancouver and the University of British Columbia. It is currently part of the Metro Vancouver park system, which extends from the Straight of Georgia into the Fraser Valley.


  1. Head out of the hostel and walk outside of Blenz coffee shop on the corner of Nelson St and Granville St
  2. Catch bus #4 UBC and stay on until you reach SB Bianca St @ W 4th Ave
  3. Get off the bus and walk back to W 4th Ave and turn left.
  4. Walk down W 4th Ave and stay on until it becomes Chancellor Blvd (approx 10 mins)
  5. You'll see the entrance on the right.

Approx ~ 37 mins each way Transit - $3.10 each way