VanDusen Botanical Garden

The garden covers 22 hectares (55 acres) and offers displays of plants from all over the world. There is also an extensive collection of native British Columbia plants. A recently launched "re-wilding" outreach program aims to rescue and propagate native plants for reintroduction into Vancouver's regional parks.

VanDusen also offers water features throughout the rolling landscape, carved totem poles, a small Japanese garden and large stone sculptures as well as a hedge maze adjacent to the heirloom vegetable garden.

In 1970, the Vancouver Foundation, the British Columbia provincial government and the city of Vancouver signed an agreement to provide the funding to develop a public garden on part of the Shaughnessy Golf Course. The Botanical Garden opened to the public on August 30th, 1975 and remains jointly managed by the Vancouver Park Board and the Vancouver Gardens Association.


  1. Turn right out of the hostel and walk to the corner of Nelson and Granville
  2. Walk down towards Cambie bridge and stop at the bus stop just before the bridge.
  3. Get on bus #17 Oak. Stay on the bus until you reach Oak and W 33 Ave.
  4. Walk in the direction of the bus for a minute or so and you'll see VanDusen on your right.

Approx ~ 30 mins each way Transit - $3.10 each way | VanDusen - $12.30