May I bring a service dog?

We are happy to welcome you to our hostel. We will try to get you into your own room during your stay as we have shared accommodation and do not know about our other guest's preferences/allergies etc. in regard to your service animal. Also, please note that your service animal is required to be with you AND on leash at all times. More specifically, your animal is not allowed to be left in the room by itself (even if you are the only occupant) or to be loose on our patio. Thank you in advance for respecting these rules. Violation of these rules will result in staff asking your service animal to leave immediately. If you require that others not pet or touch your service animal, then please let us know how we can assist you with enforcing this. We would love to put a note on your door with a picture of your dog explaining that they are a service animal (and any restrictions for other guests etc.). We will only do so with your permission.